Sobre Ruedas Tours & Renting is a familiar company framed on the sustainable eco Tourism; Our touristic activity is focused on giving the possibility of enjoying the natural Cabo de Gata Níjar Park, minimizing the social impact on the environment, and help with the improvement of the local economy of San José.

We have available to our clients electric scooters, electric bicycles and traditional bicycles for rent, and guided tours using Segways and electric scooters as transport.

We aim for the protection and preservation of the space and the promotion of the natural Cabo de Gata Níjar Park, in a way that (Echoing the European letter of sustentable tourism) our users discover, understand and establish a relationship with the enviroment.

What will you find at Sobre Ruedas Tours & Renting


Electric bicycles, mountain bikes, traditional bicycles and electric scooters rental. Guided tours on Segways and on electric scooters.

Sustainable eco Turism

Visit the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, minimizing the social impact on the enviroment.

Guided tours

Guided tours using Segways and electric scooters as means of transport.


We look foward establishing a valuable network with other companies.


Security is important at “Sobre Ruedas Tours & Renting”. Check our safety guidelines and the usage conditions of our vehicles.

Working hours

Monday to Sunday
09:30h to 13:00h and
16:00h to 19:30h.

Visit the Cabo de Gata Natural Park as you have never done before.


One of the pillars of eco-sustainability is the creation of synergies between people, companies and  activities, which share a space. In Sobre Ruedas Tours & Renting we establish relationships with other companies in the area, we complement each other to make your stay in the Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Níjar or your celebrations pleasant and entertaining. Tell us what ideas you have and we will try to make it come true.

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