At the time of rental, we will give you an introduction about the use of the scooter or the electric bicycle and the risks that may arise from its improper use. We will make sure you feel 100% safe before you start, so that everything goes “on wheels”. Keep in mind the following:

  • Maintain at all times a behavior favorable to the conservation of natural and cultural resources of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, to their personal safety and that of others.
  • By joint order of the Ministries of Tourism and Sports and Environment, Annex 2, of March 20, 2003, it is forbidden to circulate through and in areas expressly excluded by the application of the regulations for the protection of wild species and habitats: sand dunes and beaches.
  • It will prevent the practice of the activity to those people who due to particular circumstances could be dangerous or harmful to themselves or the group. (Article 26 Joint Order of the Ministers of Tourism and Sports and the Environment, March 20, 2003).
  • On Wheels Tours & Renting reserves the right not to return the deposit (partial or in full) of the rented vehicle, either for the return of the damaged equipment, incomplete or by return after the agreed time.
  • The use of the helmet is mandatory.
  • Young people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible.
  • It is expressly prohibited:
    • Use our vehicles in pregnancy.
    • Record or take pictures while the vehicle is running.
    • Park the vehicles blocking the roads.
    • Carry passengers in any of our vehicles.
  • Electric scooters must circulate on the roadway, (with the exception of children’s scooters that must run on sidewalks).
  • Bicycles and Segways can circulate on the road and on the sidewalks, in the latter at a maximum speed of 6km / h.
  • The return of the vehicle before the agreed time, will not lead to the return of the money corresponding to the rent of the remaining time.
  • Ignore the safety guidelines and recommended behavior will call the attention of the user, and persist, you will be asked to return the vehicle.
  • In the event of a breakdown, you must immediately inform Sobre Ruedas Tours & Renting: 653 56 28 98 (Antonio) – 950 38 03 65.